Proteus SW 6.0

High power reference subwoofer amplifier for home cinema, hi-fi and high end

The Proteus SW 6.0 is the top model of our subwoofer line. The enormous output power, the features and the compact design are creating a new standard.

- 490 W at 4 ohms / 330 W at 8 ohms
- subwoofer filter 3rd order, adjustable from 40 - 110Hz
- subwoofer phase adjustable from 0 - 270
- bass boost adjustable in level 0 - 6dB and frequency 20 - 40Hz
- satellite filter 2nd order, adjustable from 40 - 110Hz
- subsonic filter 3rd order at 12 Hz
- bypass for subwoofer filter to drive unit from a surround decoder
- auto power on with power mode function
- blue power-on LED 
- AC socket and mains switch with real hardwired "off" position. 
- 600VA toroidal transformer for minimal interference
- input for external level control
- made in Germany


High quality finish

The component boards has a copper layer with a threefold thickness of 105 um. The 4 mm aluminium front is brushed and anodised. Rounded corners allow the flush mounting of the SW 6.0 to give your subwoofer that factory-made, professional look. A new etching technology makes sure that the printing is protected against abrasion.

Fig.: Rear view of Proteus SW 6.0



SMD manufacturing

The Proteus SW6.0 electronics are manufactured using surface mounted devices (SMD). This technology allows a very high packing density of the component boards with shorter connecting tracks, which considerably improves on the performance.

Fig.: Input section of the SW6.0 in SMD technology, incorporating a completely symmetrical, double mono circuit layout for minimal crosstalk. 



Strong powersupply

Two independent toroidal transformers are providing the SW 6.0. The small transformer drives the active crossover. The big 600VA transformer guarantees that the 40000uF capacitors and the 12 power-transistors will always get enough current to drive critical subwoofer speaker.

Fig.: Toroidal transformers and capacitors



Solutions with know-how

Fig.: Main voltage filter and interference protection

The 230V AC voltage is cleaned by a special filter. A grounded shield protects the crossover against electrical interferences.

Fig.: Power Amplifier

The massive aluminium bar creates a huge cohesion pressure, optimizing thermical contact between the 12 power transistors and the heatsink.


Fig.: The toggle switches are fitted with chrome-plated levers. The pots are fully enclosed in diecast aluminium, with multiple click-stops for convenient operation, underlining the professional, high end appeal of this module. 




Two gold-plated cinch sockets are offered for the left and right outputs of a preamplifier. The satellite outputs will deliver a filtered signal adjustable in the 40Hz-110Hz range. It is also possible to employ an integrated amplifier that does not offer separate preamplifier outputs by connecting the Proteus SW6.0 directly to the loudspeaker outputs. The amplifier's output power should not exceed 2x100W on 4 ohms in this case. For the connection of the subwoofer driver, the SW6.0 comes packed with a set of slip-on connectors. 



Packed with features

Fig.: User field Proteus SW 6.0

The auto power on function automatically activates the subwoofer unit when an audio signal is present. With the power mode switch, you can deactivate auto power on, if you want to switch the unit manually. 

The internal subwoofer filters can be bypassed for use of the SW6.0 on a surround decoder's subwoofer output. All other functions are still active in this case. 

With the phasing control 0-270, you can quickly and conveniently align the subwoofer's performance with the main speakers and room acoustics. 

Using the bass EQ, you can extend your subwoofer's deep bass response by boosting the lowest frequencies with additional power. Please keep in mind that a 6dB bass boost means four times the amplifier power! 

Since the SW 6.0 employs independant crossovers for subwoofer and satellites, it is possible to spread the crossover overlap further over the range. 


Convenient level control

Use the optional level control to adjust the subwoofer's loudness conveniently from the front.




Proteus SW 6.0

- nominal power                              

490W at 4 ohms / 330W at 8 ohms
- damping factor 400 with 8 ohms load 

- noise

- subwoofer amp: better than -92dB at full level
- satellite output: better than -97dB at 0 dBu
- crosstalk - better than -82dB at 1 kHz


- subwoofer amp: better than 0.09% at 10 W / 8 ohms
- satellite output: better than 0.009% at 0 dBu
- input impedance - line-input: 10 kohms
- high power input: 2 kohms
- active crossover - subwoofer: 3rd order Butterworth, adjustable 40-110Hz
- satellite: 2nd order Butterworth, adjustable 40-110Hz
- subsonic: 3rd order Butterworth 12 Hz
  (all crossover points referenced to -6dB)
- subwoofer phase control 0-270
- bass boost max. +6dB, center frequency adjustable 20-40Hz
- protection DC protection, thermal protection
- power consumption 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz, standby: 3 W, on: 600 W max , off: 0 W
- fuses primary: 6.3 A slow,160 mA slow
secondary: 2 x 10 A slow, 2 x 160 mA slow
- dimensions 360 mm x 240 mm (thickness of front 4mm)
- cutout dimensions 330 mm x 215 mm
- depth 100 mm
- weight 8.1kg